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I am Professor of Philosophy at Northwest Nazarene University. I am scheduled to be a visiting faculty at Innsbruk University in Austria during the summer of 2014 as part of their Analytic Theology program. During the 2010-2011 academic year, I was a Templeton Research Fellow housed in St. Peter's College at Oxford University. In the summer of 2012, I co-directed a Calvin Summer Seminar on the Virtues and Vices with Christina Van Dyke.

I recently finished a book called Free Will in Philosophical Theology, which is scheduled to be published by Bloomsbury at the end of 2013. You can read the first chapter of the book here.

Craig Boyd and I have edited a collection of essays in virtue theory, Virtues and Their Vices (Oxford University Press, 2014). An overview of the project can be found here.

I have published a number of papers on the metaphysics of free will, culminating in my book Free Will: Sourcehood and Its Alternatives, 2nd ed. (Bloomsbury, 2012). I am also co-editing, with Dan Speak, a volume tentatively entitled Free Will and Theism: Connections, Contingencies, and Concerns (under contract with Oxford University Press). A brief description of the project can be found here.

My other books include:
Arguing about Religion (Routledge 2009)
Metaphysics and God (Routledge 2009)

Other present minor projects include habit formation, a paper on skeptical theism, theological anthropology, and beginning some work on disability.

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Email: ktimpe [at] nnu [dot] edu

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Department of Philosophy
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Honors (with Steve Shaw)

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Philosophy of Religion
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