Classes (Spring 2018 in blue)
BIOL 1010 Introduction to Biology

BIOL 1040 Environmental Science

BIOL 2010 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 2010L Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab
BIOL 2030 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 2030L Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
BIOL 2230 General Biology II
BIOL 2230L General Biology II Lab
BIOL 2300 Idaho Amphibians
BIOL 3240 Plant and Animal Ecology
BIOL 3250 Tropical Ecology
BIOL 3250L Tropical Ecology Lab
BIOL 3300 Vertebrate Zoology: Ectotherms
BIOL 3360 Vertebrate Comparative Anatomy
BIOL 3360L Vertebrate Comparative Anatomy Lab
BIOL 3740 Origins
BIOL 3920 Cadaver Dissection I

BIOL 3930 Cadaver Dissection II

BIOL 4240 Field Ecology
Tropical Ecology & Sustainability - Herpetology (QERC)

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